Q4 2023 Recruiting

TypeScript & Solidity Developers

Earn up to 1200 DAI in a paid interview! Visit the DevPool Landing Page for instructions on how to participate.
  • We're looking for both part-time and full-time TypeScript & Solidity developers in Korea.
  • Participate in our paid open tasks in order to apply for the position.

About Ubiquity DAO

  • Ubiquity DAO is a builder's DAO in harmony with Ethereum's ethos
  • Committed to building open-source developer tools and community management solutions, enhancing the efficiency of DAOs.
  • Lead investor: Animoca, valued at $20 million, supported by Merit Circle, Momentum6, and Ascensive Assets.

Ubiquity's Mission

  • Collaborate with Ubiquity DAO, Ubiquity Research, and Ubiquity Investors to explore new opportunities.

Ubiquity DevPool Highlights

  • Matches qualified developers with projects at the right time, thanks to strategic incentives
  • Advanced infrastructure automates payouts, ensuring efficiency and transparency.
  • Seamless Github integration for accelerated infrastructure development across various platforms.
  • Empowers projects with advanced technologies, promoting collaboration among decentralized teams.
  • Constantly refining with trusted technologies like Uniswap's Permit2, Gnosis Safe, and Gnosis Chain.

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Join us and don't miss this chance to be part of Ubiquity DAO's cutting-edge development!

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Senior TypeScript Developer