Senior TypeScript Developer

Senior TypeScript Developer

About Us

Ubiquity DAO, established in 2020, is on a mission to establish the Ubiquity Dollar as the primary stablecoin in the metaverse and DAO work economy. With a focus on the Ethereum mainnet and Gnosis Chain, our endeavors like the UbiquiBot, a GitHub bot that gamifies, manages and handles payments for distributed development teams, and the UbiquiCard, a card that allows for instant real-world spending of these earnings, underscore our dedication to empowering DAOs with essential tools and resources. We believe in transparent, community-driven development to make DeFi universally accessible.


We're looking for a Senior TypeScript Developer with experience in the Ethereum ecosystem to lead the development of our products. You'll primarily work with the GitHub API, third-party APIs for our crypto card, and contribute to the implementation of our stablecoin on the Ethereum mainnet and Gnosis Chain.


  • Implement and maintain backend services for DeFi applications, with a minor focus on UI.
  • Write and maintain Jest tests to ensure the integrity of our codebase.
  • Engage in our research initiatives, applying findings to development tasks.
  • Collaborate via GitHub Issues and Telegram to drive projects forward with the global team.


  • Proficient in TypeScript with familiarity of Ethereum-based developer tooling.
  • Experienced in Jest for testing.
  • Comfortable with GitHub for version control and collaboration.
  • Fluent in English, with excellent communication skills.


  • Competitive compensation in xDAI and WXDAI (Gnosis Chain).
  • A chance to be at the forefront of DeFi innovation.
  • Remote-friendly work environment with an upcoming office in Gangnam, Seoul.
  • Unlimited paid time off based on current workload and performance.
  • Flexible work hours with a focus on results.

Apply Now

If you're ready to build the next generation of DeFi tools and have a direct impact on the DAO ecosystem, join us at Ubiquity Research Ltd.
In order to be eligible for this position, you must solve one of our (paid) open engineering tasks and get your pull request merged as this will allow us to evaluate 1. your work quality 2. your ability to follow instructions 3. your communication ability.
Instructions to contribute are available here.