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This document is intended to be read by Ubiquity DAO recruiters.


  • Build up a pre-vetted talent pool/database of Ethereum software developers in order to elastic scale development resources as needed.
  • Fetch 25-50 applicants per week for four weeks.


  • 25 unique submissions per week required for 1.0x base-rate compensation.
  • Sliding scale base-rate compensation multiplier to up to 50 unique submissions per week.
  • 1.5x base-rate compensation cap for 50+ unique submissions per week.


We have a three step recruiting process:
  1. Filtering candidates based on standardized questions (defined below.)
  1. Code review from our existing developers.
  1. Call with candidate and Alex.


Ethereum Newsletters


Here are several locations where Ethereum development talent can be sourced.


Kernel - a bootcamp/paid access community.
  • (requires 2FA approval via email)
ETHGlobal - hackathon competition finalists.

Job Boards


A dedicated TypeForm for UI developers and then for Solidity developers have been created to handle this section and below.
Please share the following notice with the candidates
We are looking for proof of bespoke contributions to the code. This means that we will not give credit for commits that go from 0% to 100% of the files' code. Copying and pasting code from other projects does not prove that they have the skills that we are looking for. We expect to see line-by-line adjustments/improvements of the code over time with a commit history included.
Please note that if you have projects "under NDA" that can not be shared no credit will be given for this.
Please ask for the list of screening criteria so you know if the candidate is eligible for phase 2 of recruiting.