The Mission

Ubiquity DAO was established in November 2020 with the objective of transforming the financial landscape of the metaverse by introducing the world's first sovereign, scalable and secure crypto dollar- The Ubiquity Dollar. Our ultimate vision is to become the bank of the metaverse. The Ubiquity Dollar serves as our flagship product towards that end.  Our vision includes providing a stablecoin for crypto enabled gaming as well as offering plug-and-play tooling and platforms for developers and third parties to incorporate reliable, seamless, and effective economy integration into their platforms and products which further extends the use of the Ubiquity Dollar beyond GameFi and into many other aspects of life.
While underway to realize the Ubiquity DAO mission we also launched Ubiquity Labs where we are developing open-source developer tooling and community management tools to improve the operating efficiency of DAOs and related projects as well as being committed to supporting web 2.0 organizations seeking to enter the Ethereum ecosystem.
Our approach to product design and development is community-driven which allows us to be responsive to the changing needs of partners and users. We prioritize providing an exceptional user experience and product design to make sustainable DeFi accessible to the next billion users. We invite you to join us in our journey towards creating a decentralized and equitable financial system for all.