The Mission


Ubiquity DAO aspires to be the bank of the metaverse. The Ubiquity Dollar serves as our flagship product towards that end. Our vision includes providing a stablecoin for the DAO economy and to incorporate reliable, seamless, and effective economic integration into platforms and products amplifying the Ubiquity Dollar's reach and utility beyond just the DeFi sandbox.
Our mission extends beyond conventional DeFi realms, aiming to furnish the DAO economy with a robust stablecoin, and seamlessly meld economic functionalities into platforms and products.
Ubiquity Research is our dedicated endeavor for open-source developer tooling and community management resources, engineered to elevate the operational efficacy of DAOs.
Our approach to product design and development is transparent and community-driven, which allows us to be highly responsive to the changing needs of partners and users. We prioritize providing an exceptional user experience, unyielding security, and aesthetic yet functional product design to make sustainable DeFi accessible to the next billion users.