UbiquityOS for DAOs

UbiquityOS for DAOs

Increase Organizational Efficiency using UbiquityOS

We now offer the DevPool to select third party organizations in a white-glove, beta experience. Apply here.

DevPool: For Developers by Developers

DevPool is our innovative, in-house solution designed to enhance the efficiency of distributed organizations. It leverages the collective power of the developer community, integrates advanced AI, utilizes GitHub, and incorporates crypto payments to accelerate project delivery. By providing optimal job matching and direct financial incentives, DevPool ensures that the right people are working on the right tasks at the right time.

For Repository & Project Managers

DevPool simplifies your workflow by automating repetitive management tasks and incentivizing top developers to produce superior software faster. If you have tasks piling up, our system will help you set a price to each, allowing skilled developers to compete and tackle them efficiently.

For Developers

DevPool offers you the opportunity to work on projects that you are passionate about while getting compensated for your expertise. It encourages contributions to open source projects and, in the near future, will feature a GitHub-native reputation system based on completed tasks.

For DAOs

UbiquityOS’s integrated AI works seamlessly with GitHub to automate and streamline open tasks, assigning tasks and matching them with the most suitable developers. This system helps all DAO participants achieve more in less time, boosting overall organizational efficiency.

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