DevPool Flow

DevPool Flow

1. Look

  • Check our open issues.
    • Bounties are open issues assigned to ubiquity-bounties
  • We do not assign bounties to bounty hunters. You must pick your own bounty.
  • “One bounty, one hunter”
    • This means that you are only allowed to work on one bounty (per repository) at a time.

2. Bid

  • Request to handle a bounty on an open GitHub issue assigned to ubiquity-bounties
  • Select work by commenting on ONE issue of interest at a time (spam comments will be penalized.)
  • On rare occasions, bounties do not have price tags. If this happens please bid with your own price on the issue.
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3. Approval

  • A Bounty Master approves a bid by assigning the GitHub issue to the Bounty Hunter.
    • Technically you do not need to request for approval to begin…
      • But if somebody else front-runs you by asking for approval after you begin working without approval, your work will not be accepted until after the approved bid is completed (or expired).
      • It is in your best interest to seek approval before beginning to code.
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4. Fork

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  • Fork the repository, open up a DRAFT pull request, and associate it with the issue of the bounty.
  • Frequently commit to your pull request to keep the organization up-to-date on your progress and to ensure that all builds/tests pass.
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5. Conversation

  • Keep detailed questions in the discussion under the issue.
  • For higher frequency communications needs, use the DevPool chat.
  • Private messages to the Bounty Masters will be ignored.
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6. Speed

  • Complete the bounty within the allotted time.
  • The bounty assignment expires when the development takes double the allotted time.
    • For example, you have two weeks to solve a bounty labeled “<1 week”
    • Then the bounty will be released back into the DevPool, meaning that another Bounty Hunter can take it over.

7. Review

  • Convert the draft pull request into a finalized pull request.
  • Bounty Masters should pick up your pull request within 24 hours. If not - feel free to mention your pull request in the DevPool chat!
Do not force push changes once the pull request review process begins. Deleting commits slows down the review significantly. Reviewers have the ability to view only changed code from their previous review, unless the commits are deleted. Then they must re-review the entire PR each time. As a disincentive: force pushes after the review begins automatically revoke governance token bonuses for timely bounty completion.

8. Claim

  • Post your USDC/DAI/UBQ Ethereum mainnet wallet address in the issue to receive your bounty payment in stablecoins once the pull request is accepted.
    • If anonymity is a concern, please make a new wallet address.
    • We mandate posting a payment transaction link on the bounties for accounting and auditing purposes.
  • You can also receive a bonus for timely completion in our governance token.
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9. Complete

  • The Bounty Master will merge the pull request and close the associated issue if your solution is satisfactory.
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