DevPool Flow

DevPool Flow

Your 10 step guide to successfully contributing in the DevPool.

1. Look

  • We do not assign bounties to bounty hunters. You must pick your own bounty.
    • In the future we will create an automated task-developer matchmaking system.

2. Bid

  • On rare occasions, bounties do not have time estimates. If this happens please comment your time bid (<1 hour, <2 hours, <4 hours, <1 day, or <1 week) and our bot can determine the bounty price quickly afterwards after a core contributor agrees on the time estimate.

3. Assignment

  • Ask any clarifying questions related to the task on the issue.
  • When you are ready to begin, comment “/start” and our UbiquiBot will immediately assign you to the bounty.
  • In the rare case of a bug (the bot does not respond) please feel free to tag the original poster of the issue for help with assignment. Please also verify that this documentation is up-to-date by reviewing the bot’s “/help" menu.
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4. Registration

  • If this is your first time participating in the DevPool, you will need to register your wallet address to collect payment upon completion of the bounty. This must be done before the task is completed, because of the automatic payment system.
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5. Fork

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  • Fork the repository, open up a DRAFT pull request, and associate it with the issue of the bounty by writing “Resolves #1234” in your pull request comment, with the “#1234” being replaced with the issue number.
    • This prompts GitHub to automatically associate your pull request with the issue.
    • More information on this feature can be found here.
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  • Frequently commit to your pull request to keep the organization up-to-date on your progress and to ensure that all builds/tests pass.
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6. Conversation

  • Keep detailed questions in the discussion under the issue.
  • Private messages to the team will be ignored.
    • This allows information to flow transparently and in an organized manner throughout the organization.
  • For higher frequency communications needs, use the public DevPool chat.
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7. Speed

  • Complete the bounty within the allotted time.
  • The UbiquiBot will monitor your activity related to the bounty (commits and comments from you) and will follow up with you for updates if there has not been activity for several days.
    • If you do not respond within a few days, UbiquiBot will unassign you from the task so be sure to provide regular updates on GitHub!
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8. Review

  • Convert the draft pull request into a finalized pull request.
  • The review team should pick up your pull request within 24 hours. If not - feel free to tag the task creator in a comment under your pull request!
Do not force push changes once the pull request review process begins. Deleting commits slows down the review significantly. Reviewers have the ability to view only changed code from their previous review, unless the commits are deleted. Then they must re-review the entire PR each time.

9. Claim

  • When the issue is marked as completed, the bot will immediately generate a custom payment link for only your registered wallet to claim.
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10. Get Started!

1. Be sure to respect the Communication Guidelines.
2. Please join the DevPool group chat.
2. Please join the DevPool group chat.
3. Get started at the DevPool Directory!



Click the following link to see a quick video overview of some popular bot commands and how to use them.
Bot Commands Demo June 2023