What is Ubiquity?

Ubiquity is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) building financial primitives on the Ethereum blockchain leveraging our flagship product, the Ubiquity Dollar (uAD).
"uAD is the world's first polymorphic stablecoin."

What makes the Ubiquity Dollar (uAD) different?

Most algorithmic stablecoins are built on rigid economic strategies that make it difficult to respond to adverse situations. Scenarios such as the changing dynamic of the DeFi economy and security breaches can threaten the stability of the algorithmic dollar. The Ubiquity Dollar is designed with a polymorphic architecture that maximizes the flexibility of upgrading stabilization mechanisms, all through a decentralized, transparent, community-driven mechanism.

What is the Initial supply?

All new uAD entering the system begins its life as a debt token. Initial supply for every token in our economy was at or close to 0. We seeded the uAD market with less than $10,000.

Wen Launch?

Ubiquity DAO began testing the Ubiquity Dollar in production in June 2021. Keep an eye out in our Discord or Twitter for our full launch announcement!

How does the Ubiquity Dollar maintain peg?

heres a ton of explaining that needs to be done kekw

When will the Proxy Yield Aggregator be available?

heres a ton of explaining that needs to be done kekw

What is the goal of Ubiquity DAO?

The goal of Ubiquity DAO is to become the bank of the metaverse, leveraging its flagship product: the Ubiquity Dollar. We are jumping into the industry with a splash by becoming the stablecoin of crypto gaming!

What tokens do Ubiquity offer?

Ubiquity Dollar (uAD) - Ubiquity Dollar (stablecoin)
Ubiquity Governance Token (UBQ) - Governance
Ubiquity Credit (uCR) - Ubiquity Credit (debt)
Ubiquity Credit NFT (uCR-NFT)- Ubiquity Credit with defined expiration date

What benefits will I receive as a UbiquiStick NFT Holder?

The two main use cases for the UbiquiStick are to allow access to our bespoke yield bearing vaults, as well as perpetual beta access to all future Ubiquity DAO products. Generally speaking, many products can offer ways for users to gain yield which means its usually good to get in before everybody else does.

How do I participate in the Launch Event?

You can find more info on how to participate in the event here.

Is Ubiquity Audited?

We have an audit from CertiK that you can read here.
We are in the process of obtaining a security assessment from PeckShield and Haechi as well.