Ubiquity Dollar Protocol Overview

This section provides a non-technical overview of the Ubiquity Dollar protocol. For technical documentation, please read the Tokenomics page.

Our Vision

The crypto industry is constantly evolving, with significant transformations over the past few years. Each new innovation brings new challenges and exciting opportunities for strategic growth and price stability. At Ubiquity, we embrace this future by integrating proven methods from the past with cutting-edge technology. Although this may sound complicated, we believe in transparency and simplicity, as they stand the test of time and gain the trust of our community.

Usage & Integration

The ultimate goal of Ubiquity DAO is to drive mass adoption of the Ubiquity Dollar. This is accomplished through integration, which allows the Ubiquity Dollar to be used in real-world scenarios. The starting point for this adoption is to focus on solidifying ourselves as the premier stablecoin of the metaverse work economy (see the DevPool).

More Information

For technical details related to each of the smart contracts the protocol is comprised of, see the Ubiquity Smart Contracts page, which contains brief descriptions for each contract and a link directly to the Solidity code on our Github.
Technical information is available in the Tokenomics overview.