What are POAPs?

POAP is an acronym for Proof of Attendance Protocol created by the guys of It's supposed to be a digital bookmark of where you've been online and who you interacted with. They are really a digital badge to proof that you attended an event. They are also a digital art piece. Over time, they have evolved into collectible NFTs that are minted for fun and profit. Kidding on the profit part, but maybe who knows? Soon?
For the geeks: They are ERC 721 (non-fungible) tokens that are minted on the xDai chain (a sidechain of Ethereum)

What can I do with them?

Show them off on a mobile app.
Sometimes, there are lucky draws happening as well as joint canvas drawing programs.
And many other applications, yet to be invented.

How do I earn one?

Attend the Community Meeting! Check out our Ubiquity #Calendar!
While staying attentive to the event, you will be given a signal to screenshot the event at a random time within the Community Meet.

Ok now I have a code how do I claim my POAP?

  1. Download and install the POAP App /or head to the link provided.
  1. Enter your wallet public address
  1. Click Mint
  1. Enjoy your new POAP