Hello MakerDAO

Hello MakerDAO

In response to the Call to Action - Ecosystem Actors <> SubDAOs 4 encouraging Ecosystem Actors to promote their services to SubDAOs to foster an active ecosystem environment, Ubiquity DAO is submitting DevPool for your consideration and integration into the MakerDAO Community.
Contact us at https://t.me/UbiquityDevPool or makerdao@ubq.fi to discuss further.
Table of Contents:

1. Background

DevPool, a Ubiquity Research Ltd. product, is Ubiquity DAO’s in-house solution to efficiently build and operate natively decentralized organizations (such as ours) . Ubiquity DAO is backed by prestigious investors like Animoca as we are currently building a fully collateralized stablecoin and associated tools to be used as a conduit between online and offline transactions as well as the DeFi ecosystem.
Our ethos aligns with MakerDAO’s. We too are a utility driven DAO. We build for builders. That is how the DevPool platform was created. From our in-house need to scale our products and find the right talent to optimally build various aspects of our projects. DevPool soon became a project of its own which utilizes our purpose built algorithms. We also are exploring AI integrations to allow our bot to more manage the contributors more effectively.
DevPool is unique because it is integrated directly inside of Github in order to optimize productivity and development flow for most research & development oriented projects. DevPool helps build infrastructure faster and better by incentivizing the right people at the right time to build. By way of optimal job matching and financial incentives with automated payouts. DevPool mechanics encourage distributed team collaboration. It also allows projects to dynamically increase their development capacity on demand.
We are looking to further functional development of DevPool in order to provide a superlative experience on GitHub for projects and developers with xDAI and Gnosis Safe as a transactional bedrock. As such, we would like to begin collaborating with MakerDAO from our early stages and into public deployment as we believe our platform will help further invigorate the MakerDAO ecosystem and expedite the execution of all initiatives therein.

2. Project Overview

DevPool is a crypto-native platform that organically sits on top of GitHub to optimally match developers with open tasks and get paid in crypto while automating the administrative components for DAOs and repository maintainers.
DevPool allows developers to find and get paid for jobs they are interested and qualified in while allowing project managers to outsource tasks to qualified talent on demand.
Being purpose-built on top of Github, DevPool retains an open source ethos with a focus on increasing operational efficiencies, accountability, and maintaining transparent community building that are all the cornerstones of the Ethereum developer ecosystem.

3. Our Roadmap

DevPool (Beta) allows:
  • Developers to contribute to projects they are organically interested in and get paid from directly on GitHub.
  • Projects to easily find and qualify freelance developers, expand their projects’ community and automate building management tasks.
DevCard (research stage) allows:
  • Developers get paid via DevPool directly to their bank cards, stock and DeFi accounts.
  • For the introduction of products and services to developers through our loyalty program.
DevMatch (research stage)
Algorithmic matchmaking system for (measuring experience and interest) with bounty (projects) through our database for talent and bounties. As well as exploring new opportunities for developers and projects.

4. Existing Problems And The DevPool Solution

The GitHub Problems we solve
GitHub is considered the leading collaboration destination for all things software.
DevPool greatly improves and adds to what GitHub facilitates via financial incentives:
1. Collaboration on issue resolution for project building
2. Collaboration on skills development
Pain points for Organizations on GitHub
  • Managing developers at scale
  • Have limited abilities for community building directly on GitHub.
  • It is hard to attract new contributors on GitHub and maintain their involvement to the project.
  • Get matched with talent that is organically suited and looking for your project.
Pain Points for Developers
  • Have to onboard to new platforms with new user interfaces, adding unnecessary layers between doing the work, communication, and getting paid.
  • Have limited abilities of finding interesting tasks and monetizing their skills.
  • Easy off-ramping of funds from paid work.
  • Easily match with the optimal projects based on interests and experience.
The DevPool Solutions
DevPool enriches the GitHub experience by creating active and engaged communities of developers and projects. By matching the projects that developers are most interested in we facilitate optimal project growth for immediate tasks solution as well as each project’s long-term vision.
Organizations on GitHub
  • Easily find qualified developers for specific tasks
  • Encourage community building directly on GitHub to organically grow their project
  • Easily find interesting tasks and projects while getting paid to improve them.
  • Grow your talents by going through mature codebase reviews.
  • Enrich activities on the platform and increase loyalty of projects and developers
Our premise is simple:
Developers get paid for doing work they like and are organically qualified in.
The ecosystem is enriched and our platform organically grows alongside all the projects on it.

5. Our Ask

We would like to collaborate with you starting with facilitating DevPool’s integration into the MakerDAO space.

6. Into The Functionality - Further Reading

DevPool smart automations get more done in less time

DevPool is Ubiquity’s solution to help get projects done faster and more efficiently. DevPool is built by developers, for developers. DevPool is the crypto native platform that is organically integrated inside of GitHub to get your projects done faster, with less costs, and higher quality while helping developers get more work!
DevPool allows you to:
  1. Speed up project completion times.
  1. Setup open tasks and assign them a deadline and payment (aka bounty.)
  1. Match the right people for the right job. Developers see your bounty and take it on. One developer per task. Since DevPool is on Github, you can easily see their development history.
DevPool fast, secure and easy to use. As a project manager, you must authorize bounties first before the bot is able to generate payment permits.
You can add bonus pay to develop complicated or sticky tasks.
Easy to use:
Here is a quick video to showcase the simplicity and power of the DevPool:

Bot Demo Video:
Automation and highlights that are suitable both for bounty issuers and bounty hunters:
  • Accelerated bounty pricing based on priority and time estimate (customizable.)
  • Bounty-developer matchmaking and auto-inviting relevant developers to take on the bounty via GitHub.
  • Command line style interface via GitHub comments includes assigning the bounty and registering a payment wallet.
  • Smart notifications and automatic reminders via GitHub comments.
  • Automatic payment upon bounty completion via permits and our claims dApp.
    • https://pay.ubq.fi/
    • We use Uniswap’s Permit2 implementation which cryptographically verifies a token transfer only from registered wallet address, up to the specified amount, funded from the bounty wallet.
  • Automatic payment reduces time and cost overhead for the bounty creator as it does not require performing manual payment. The bot immediately posts the payment permit when the issue is completed, and the bounty hunter pays the gas fees to claim it.
  • We also have an audit dashboard (beta) to see all of the transactions on Etherscan, to who, and for which issues.

7. Additional Information 

We are always looking for interesting and useful solutions to implement in the DevPool offering to increase operational throughput while lowering costs of execution.
We are exploring automation, gamification, and AI to improve the management of contributors in the decentralized era.
For developers, we are creating a convenient mechanism for receiving bounties, enabling participation in interesting GitHub-based projects, and their own professional development as they will learn when working through pull request reviews on mature codebases.