About Ubiquity

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DevRel role

  • The DevRel's goal is to attract developers to contribute to the Bounty program
    • The DevRel invites Web3 developers to participate in the Bounty program and answers their questions.
  • It is expected that a DevRel will spend not less than 1 hour per day.
  • DevRel can attract developers from their acquaintances, from various groups, as well as using the Ubiquity database.
  • The DevRel performs its activity according to the instructions provided by the Ubiquity core team in the Chat for DevRel 
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  • The incentive structure for the DevRel role is completely based on the outputs.
  • The DevRel receives 20% of the payout of the new developers invited by him/her to the Bounty program.
  • The incentives for the invitation of a new developer are valid within 1 year after the new developer starts the 1st bounty in the Bounty program.
    • Attracting an effective developer once, DevRel ensures him/herself passive income for 1 year.
  • The incentives are paid to the DevRel once per week.
  • High-performing DevRels can win a share of the 1000 DAI - each completed bounty is a chance to win.
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Requirements to DevRel

  • High interest in communication with Web3 developers.
  • Experience in recruiting or business development will be helpful for this role but not mandatory.