Communication Guidelines

DevPool Communication Guidelines

Silence is Golden
  1. We strive to maximize the signal-to-noise ratio in our Telegram group chat. However it is generally okay to be more chatty on GitHub issues and discussions.
    1. We aspire to create a high quality R&D discussion environment similar to LobsterDAO Chat.
  1. Do not ask for work in the Ubiquity DevPool chat, instead self assign on the issues directly, by opening up a draft pull request to them.
  1. Direct messages on Telegram to core team members are ignored.
    1. After you successfully solve your first bounty and receive payment for it, you may be directly messaged by one of the core team members which is an invitation for direct conversation.
  1. Do not offer external jobs in the DevPool. For example: “need a crypto dev for my project dm me”
    1. We offer a partner program for, at earliest, seed stage organizations. Please feel free to inquire in our DAO chat!
  1. Core team reserves the right to ignore questions related to the rules and process. It is forbidden to ask questions about the DevPool Flow in the DevPool chat. However we are generally more forgiving on the GitHub when you are already started on a task.
First Impressions Matter
Writing introductions in the group chat is fine, but like any first impression, it can either make stand out or have you disqualified as a serious core-team candidate before you say “gm”.
Bad example, generic copy paste like:
  • “Professional blockchain developer”
  • or “Talented dev looking for a job”
Good example:
  • “gm, solidity dev here worked at X before”
In conclusion, take a moment to think about what the other candidates before you might have already sent in the group chat. If what you are about to send IS NOT UNIQUE e.g. “I’m a professional blockchain developer” or “How can I be approved for a bounty?” then it is probably not a good idea to send it in our group chat.