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アレクサンダー.eth | U B I Q U I T Y:just a small update on the https://github.com/ubiquity/ubiquity-dollar/issues/209 product/feature/tool but i asked @acaldas and @rndquu in dms basically to work together to push forward on it currently its blocked due to the deploy scripts still not being done (its been like a month or so, im really not sure what to do to get this done faster) but anyways this is sort of like an experiment to make subteams of devs in the pool. @rndquu is tasked with research/spec writing and @acaldas can focus on implementation — i was also thinking that @rndquu could do something similar with the bounty-bot and then @StevengrantANT can lend a hand on implementation along with @happyliu130 @rserr you think you could help keep an eye on things for me with these two subteam initatives
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