Primary Role
Additional Contributions
ETHGlobal 2021 Hackathon Winner
26 years of software engineering experience
4 years of consulting in Ethereum ecosystem
Passionate about blockchain technology for 4 years, Alain created in 2020 with 2 other experimented entrepreneurs : Kredeum, the «  Blockchain Architects » company. Previously Alain had a long experience as a pioneer in new technologies: mobile, internet, interactive TV and multimedia. Since 2013 he develops Eliga to ease creation of multi-screen apps, in particular with YouSlide app, adding interactivity to presentations. Sold in 2020 to Leni, a major player in events. Previously he brought innovation and technical expertise to Digitaleo's SaaS product line, a fast growing company. In 2002 he created mobiZe, a StartUp providing video platform for mobile phones. mobiZe made a world premiere at 3GSM 2005 in partnership with Alcatel on Orange booth, with a live video broadcast from first 3G phones to the web. He previously worked as project manager in several software company, a web agency and a hosting company. He is also passionate about tennis and game of go.
Specialties: Blockchain, Ethereum, IPFS, NFT, Agile, Lean StartUp, Mobile, Internet, Telecom, SMS, Multimedia, Management Participatif, Web, TV numérique