uCR-NFT Token

uCR-NFT Token


We recognize that the uAD protocol cannot rely on the same set of economic incentives to restore the $1 peg of uAD in its initial volatile period and maintain the $1 peg once the price of uAD attains stability.
For example — as the price of uAD attains substantial stability around the $1 peg, the possible arbitrage return on buying uCR NFT at a low premium decreases. This may make buying uCR NFT in periods of high stability unenticing, which may harm the stability of uAD.
Here, we outline the roadmap of how the uAD protocol shall continue to apply the right amount of upward price pressure during debt cycles.

uCR NFT Token

uCR NFT coupons are ERC-1155 tokens managed by the protocol's ERC-1155 Receiver debt redemption contract. These are redeemable for uAD when the price of uAD is above $1.00. The purpose of uCR NFT coupons is to apply upward price pressure whenever the time-weighted average price (TWAP) of uAD falls below the intended $1.00 peg by incentivizing users to burn their uAD, lowering its supply.
In debt cycles (i.e., when the TWAP is below $1.00) created by an excess supply of uAD in the market, uAD holders may burn uAD tokens in exchange for uCR NFT coupons issued at a premium rate. The premium is calculated as follows:
where R stands for the debt ratio debt/supply. Particularly, the debt ratio is -
(total supply of uCR NFT) / (total supply of uAD).
For instance, if the premium is calculated as 15%, 100 uAD may be burned in exchange for 115 uCR NFT coupons.
uCR NFT coupons can be redeemed for uAD tokens at a 1:1 rate in an inflation cycle (i.e., when TWAP is greater than $1.00) before they expire. uCR NFT coupons are redeemed by depositing them in the protocol's debt redemption contract.

Secondary uCR-NFT markets

Natively tokenizing uCR NFT allows for the creation of secondary uCR-NFT markets where speculators can sell their uCR NFT tokens if they require liquidity before the price returns to above $1.00.
For launch, we will leverage OpenSea’s NFT marketplace. We will create a wrapped debt (uCR NFT) token in order to allow speculators to sell batches of uCR NFT of matching expiry on OpenSea.
After launch, we will create a dedicated uCR NFT marketplace. This would include a UI to assist with automating pricing and transactions. The tokenization of uCR NFT allows for permissionless extension of the protocol. It is not part of our roadmap to create uCR NFT protocol extensions. This will be left to the community.