uCR NFT Launch Compensation

Ubiquity DAO uCR NFT Launch Compensation

Note: uDEBT has been rebranded to uCR NFT
June 2021
Wagmi fellas. It's time to launch. Ubiquity DAO has debts to pay. Thank you to the core contributors and early investors for making this all happen. This form is distributed to all DAO launch contributors, either for labor or for capital investment. All responses will be reviewed and then made public as part of the Ubiquity DAO launch announcement.
Please speak with Λ L Ξ X / アレクサンダー.eth in regards to questions or concerns regarding anonymizing your information.
· For investors, you will receive a +50% premium of uCR NFT tokens relative to your capital investment. · For workers, you will receive a +50% premium of uCR NFT tokens relative to your hourly wage billed in uCR NFTs.
Please fill out the following form in order to receive your uCR NFT tokens for launch time.
Notice uDEBT → uAR
We will be distributing uCR tokens because from a technical perspective it is easier for us to conduct this process with uCR . They are redeemable for uAD when the market's time-weighted-average-price (TWAP) is above 1.00.

Debt Distribution Update

Here is the full list of every co-founder's debt repayment, along with their respective proof-of-work or proof-of-investment.