Ubiquity DAO is now stepping on the Metaverse

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Hey all!
It’s been a month since our last major update. We have shipped out the Ubiquity Proxy Yield Aggregator, one of our major products. The PYA allows users to automatically invest in high yield products without needing to monitor hundreds of DeFi protocols. Users simply deposit USDC tokens to earn up to 40% APR.
There are many more in store for us, but we're still keeping them under wraps while we iron out the details. (Alpha leak available on our Go-to-Market Strategy page if you're keen to do your due diligence, or just take our word for it.)
This is an exciting time for us as we drive mass adoption of the Ubiquity Dollar thru solidifying ourselves as the stablecoin of crypto gaming and the metaverse. The Ubiquity team is finetuning our mission and vision for the great reveal, and we’d like to make it official. This serves as your official invite to the launch of definitely-(not)a-ponzi-so-get-in-early party. The metaverse party is just getting started, and for now, we're focusing on shaking the meta crypto gaming industry.
Why crypto gaming?
While a handful of centralized stablecoins exist in this sector, there are currently no decentralized stablecoins solely focused on serving the crypto gaming space and their communities. Fixing this issue is our first priority.
How can Ubiquity DAO help crypto games?
Whether it be interoperability between games/ecosystems, community rewards, branded stablecoins, payment processing/settlement, or even item creation - we hold a unique advantage with our upgradeable design and unique debt system to be flexible in our partnerships, to both directly and indirectly incentivize companies to partner with us.
What's in it for Ubiquity DAO?
Gaming is a high-growth sector that we love, and if we want to be in the thick of things just for the pure adrenaline. We want assist in helping it grow in the metaverse and be the gamers ally in creating a decentralized economy where they are in control and have actual ownership of their in game assets.
An additional benefit we took into consideration is the resulting long-term impact on community and protocol trust. Crypto gaming will be an inception point for the next wave of users into crypto, and being one of the first tokens they ever hold in their wallet will help us build lasting trust in the Ubiquity Dollar.
As always, if you have questions and concerns, Discord is where it's at.