Ubiquity DAO Fair Launch

Ubiquity DAO Fair Launch

Currently being syndicated via Coin Telegraph as of 4 June 2021.
Ubiquity DAO announces their fair launch with the world’s first polymorphic stablecoin: the fully collateralized Ubiquity Dollar (uAD)
Ubiquity DAO launches in time for Bitcoin Miami 2021 with their flagship product, the Ubiquity Dollar (uAD). As an incentive to help stabilize the dollar, the protocol rewards Ubiquity (UBQ) governance tokens.
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About Ubiquity DAO

Ubiquity has made significant efforts since beginning protocol research in December 2020 to do a fair launch for the Ubiquity DAO; this means no pre-mint or pre-sales of Ubiquity (UBQ) governance tokens. The project begins with zero (0) governance tokens and generates them through protocol use. Ubiquity states that they believe influence over the DAO should be earned, not bought. Ubiquity believes that this approach stays truer to the essence of DeFi.
While uAD (dollar) and UBQ (governance) will be Ubiquity's first two primary offerings, Ubiquity plans to continue to build an ecosystem of complementary and interoperable fintech products with their own respective tokens.

What is Ubiquity?

Ubiquity is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) building DeFi financial primitives beginning exclusively on the Ethereum blockchain leveraging their Ubiquity Dollar (uAD). Ubiquity DAO is founded by Ethereum DeFi natives and is distributed worldwide starting in December 2020.
Ubiquity is on a mission to create the world's first sovereign, scalable and secure digital dollar. Ubiquity also plans to prioritize enhancing Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) smart contract developers' experience by open-sourcing their proprietary developer tooling created to streamline their product development. Ubiquity plans to expand their DAO's influence beyond DeFi because they believe that DAOs are the future of corporations. They plan to also invent processes and tooling to maximize DAO operating efficiencies as well as build various protocols and integrations, not just stopping at the Dollar. Ubiquity is currently in talks on integrating uAD for payment settlement with traditional SaaS products outside of DeFi. Lastly, Ubiquity plans to make DeFi more accessible for non-DeFi natives to use with a focus on excellent product and user experience design.
Ubiquity is creating the world’s first polymorphic stablecoin.

What is "Polymorphic" in DeFi?

Ubiquity states that a major issue they observed on the design of most stable coins is that the stabilization strategies are set in stone. They claim however that the dynamics of an economy is always evolving, and when exploitative entities threaten the stability of an algorithmic dollar, the re-stabilization mechanics generally are no longer effective at adapting to the new destabilization vectors. uAD is different. uAD is a fully collateralized stable coin with built-in safeguards to dampen volatility and market externalities.
Ubiquity is on a mission to create the world's first sovereign and scalable digital dollar. Help add liquidity and stabilize the dollar to earn rewards at ubq.fi
Ubiquity will continue to launch an ecosystem of complementary and interoperable financial products with the goal of establishing Ubiquity as the stable reserve currency of decentralized finance.
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