uAD Transfer Hook Announcement, Partnerships, Integrations, and Other Development News

2021.09.23 - Community Meeting

Hey @everyone!
It was probably a slow week for the Ubiquity team, or not.
Here are the notes and updates for our last Ubiquity Community Meeting in case you weren’t able to catch it.


✔️@Doctor, who is working on our capital raising has had some vendor issues but it's all sorted now and the enterprise is changing its policy on working with the blockchain industry. Wow! The Pitch deck is being worked on full speed with Alex. After a lot of iteration, they have settled on the approach and are making headway for the past few days despite @Doctor having a bout with Covid. We hope for your full recovery @Doctor!


✔️Instadapp has finished building out support for ERC-1155 on their platform and @XAQ has completed the integration with the InstaDapp platform. This means that //we can now build an application on top of Instadapp with maximum security and composability.//
✔️To pursue our commitment with a truly decentralized finance and create a new culture of work, we have also integrated with Sablier Finance which will enable the Ubiquity DAO to automatically “stream” money to our contributors for their work.
✔️We were just published on Hackernoon for Defi and The Rise of Stablecoins. It discusses stablecoins and where uAD fits the market as well as where our difference lies in comparison with other stablecoins.
✔️Our first Community Meeting POAPs (Proof of Attendance Protocol is here! Every week, attendees of our Community Meeting will be given a link to one as a way of thanking attendees for their time. We also just announced our Purple Heart POAPs which will be issued to our Top
25 initial investors who Aped when we listed on Uniswap. They got REKT and only got a POAP for their trouble. So these are super special and will only be minted for these Apes. Listen in to Alex as he relates the story of the famed Apes Purple Heart here!
✔️And finally, we are excited to announce our uAD Transfer Hooks for Targeted Incentivization. uAD Transfer hooks. It basically incentivizes any movement of uAD, for example, reward a user who just transferred a uAD to a new wallet, which we believe is better suited to the Ubiquity protocol than the traditional airdrop and unsustainable yield model. Alex, our co-founder explains it in further detail in our last Community Meeting here.


✔️Our Proxy Yield Aggregator (announced last week!) which not only provides a sustainable way for farmers to earn yields but also allows us to collateralize our uAD dollar, is continuing to take shape and this sprint is targeted to finish this week. @Zgo, who built the PYA smart contract is moving to testing this week and @chriswudev is decking out the prototype. The entire team is targeting the end of this month to make it live on our dashboard as well as on the Instadapp platform.
Here’s the edited Youtube video recording if you wanna watch/listen to the update instead!
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