The DevPool

The DevPool

Increase Efficiencies & Find Work in the DevPool!

We currently are opening select Alpha slots for DevPool. Inquire within.
Devpool: For Developers by Developers. DevPool is our tested in-house solution to efficiently run natively decentralized organizations (such as ours). The DevPool platform utilizes our in-house AI which is integrated right into Github in order to optimize productivity. Devpool helps build infrastructure faster and better by incentivizing the right people at the right time to build by way of optimal job matching and financial rewards. We are making DevPool available to select third parties on an Alpha basis at the moment as we are increasing DevPool use. For Repo & Project Managers: DevPool allows you to get your project launched better and faster while freeing up more of your time and incentivizing the right developers to ship better code, faster. Tasks seem to be piling up? Add bounties to each and let competent developers solve them for you.
For Developers: DevPool allows you to contribute to the projects you enjoy the most and get paid doing what you are best at. We call these skill-based payments Bounties and you, the Bounty Hunter.
For DAOs and Web3 Projects: DevPool’s Built-in AI is integrated into Github and will help you automate and streamline your open tasks with bounties and optimal developers for each task. DevPool helps all DAO participants get more done, in less time and more efficiently.

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DevPool Flow

Performance Minimums

Optimizing for success. Developers have a limit on how many reviews and code changes they can do depending on the scope of the bounty, after exceeding it will be considered “game over” and the bounty will be unassigned.


DevPool Appendix
Additional information related to the DevPool program.