Scaling Web3 Project Development

Scaling Web3 Project Development

Enhance your Web3 operational throughput with UbiquityOS. If your project has a GitHub repository, you're eligible to join.

Web3 Projects Pain Points

  • Operational Limitations
    • Limited by the capacity of internal developers.
    • Scaling throughput is challenging.
  • Cost of Development
    • High total development costs, including engineering management.
    • Onboarding new developers requires specific efforts.
  • Solution Quality
    • Quality is restricted by the skill level of internal developers.

Cooperation Areas

  • Scaling Development
    • Assign tasks to the DevPool and pay for completed tasks.
  • Complete Development
    • Dedicated team to build your Web3 project from scratch.
  • Recruiting & Marketing
    • Attract developers to the DevPool and earn from DevRel bonuses, including your developers on a temporary bench.

Ubiquity Responsibilities

  • Distribute partner bounties to the Ubiquity DevPool.
  • Provide one-on-one onboarding and best practice advice for Web3 projects.

Partner Web3 Project Responsibilities

  • Create detailed task specifications.
  • Define task prices and timelines.
  • Review pull requests promptly.
  • Fund a task payments wallet for automated payments.

Value of the Bounty Program

  • Web3 Focused: Facilitates community creation for projects and talents.
    • Ubiquity DevPool includes top developer talent.
  • GitHub Integration: Directly implemented on GitHub, ideal for Web3 projects.
    • Provides infrastructure and automation for Web3 development.
  • Crypto Payments: Payments in crypto, aligning with Web3 developer preferences.

Benefits for Web3 Projects

Utilizing bounties for part of your development offers:
  • Increased Operational Throughput: Easily scale development with GitHub developers and UbiquiBot automation.
  • Reduced Development Costs: Pay only for completed tasks, lowering total costs.
  • Enhanced Solution Quality: Different developers audit code, find issues, and propose better solutions.
1. Easy Scalability
  • Significant throughput increase from GitHub developers and UbiquiBot.
  • Flexible and easily scalable development.
2. Decreased Development Costs
  • Reduced costs with the pay-per-task-completion model.
  • Simplified developer onboarding.
3. GitHub-Native Usability
  • Access to all GitHub tools.
  • Automated routine tasks via UbiquiBot.
  • No need for separate freelance platforms.
4. Increased Solution Quality
  • Improved quality through diverse developer contributions and natural code audits.
  • Fresh ideas and approaches from talented GitHub developers.

Advantages for Developers

1. Native GitHub Implementation
  • Seamless experience with GitHub tools.
  • Reduced learning curve for new projects.
  • No need for separate freelance platform profiles.
2. Crypto Payments & Debit Card Cashouts
  • Convenient and instant access to rewards.
3. Knowledge Sharing
  • Community of Web3 developers auditing code, providing feedback, and resolving issues together.

Terms and How to Start

Financial terms: TBD
Contacts for Web3 projects: TBD

How to Start

  1. Agree on cooperation terms with Ubiquity.
  1. Ubiquity organizes partner onboarding.
  1. Partner funds the task payments wallet for automated payments.
  1. Partner creates initial tasks.
  1. Ubiquity shares partner tasks with the DevPool.