Q4 Plans - August Update

Q4 Plans - August Update

Bonding contract v2.1 has been successfully launched. Users are safe to migrate their bonding tokens using the Staking Dashboard. Read more in the last week's update.
It's safe for you to hit migrate on the staking dashboard in order to continue farming UBQ rewards. Please note that lockup time does reset upon migration. If you are planning to withdraw, I recommend withdrawing from Bonding V1 and letting us send you the difference that the contract withholds as per the old Bonding V1 withdrawal process.
There seems to be some issues with AWS image hosting for this update. I'll try reuploading the images tomorrow - Alex
What's next in the pipeline for the Ubiquity core contributors team? Be sure to peruse the deeply nested pages on this website and to keep an eye on our GitHub for alpha leaks.

Exchange Listings

It appears that some oldfangled vetting criteria for some platforms request that we have CEX listings, including Chainlink. Otherwise we would only be focusing on strategic DEX listings.
Doctor, our marketing operations director (machine gun) and XAQ, our partnerships lead (sniper) is working on CEX listings through a machine gun and sniper approach. Doctor will be cold emailing all of the CEX we can find on coinmarketcap and coingecko in order to warm up the leads while XAQ will get on phone calls and close the deals.
XAQ plans to focus on Gate.io first because a market maker friend of ours suggested it, and because we saw that FRAX started by listing there.

Options Trading

We spoke with a couple of cofounders at quant.finance, an options trading platform, and they are helping us set up options markets on their platform but said that we first need a Chainlink oracle.

Borrowing & Lending

We also reached out to the Sushiswap team to get on Kashi for setting up lending markets, but the same prerequisite exists in that we need a Chainlink oracle.

Chainlink Oracle

We spoke with the Chainlink business development team and they said that they will help us set everything up once we hit "$2.5M+ in [trading] volume"
We have the capability to atomically mint UBQ rewards in swap transactions in our Curve market which we are considering enabling in time for Q4 to incentivize more trading volume.
Setting up a Chainlink oracle will be a big win for us because we will be able to integrate with all the DeFi protocols that have Chainlink oracles as a prerequisite (like Quant and Kashi.)

Proxy Yield Aggregator

We're currently researching which is the best stablecoin yield aggregator to build our proxy yield aggregator on top of. Larry the Cucumber has been an active member of the Ubiquity community and has an amazing collection of yield aggregators over at pickle.finance!
We're excited about this product as it will be the first of its kind in the industry which will serve the users by stacking double the stablecoin yields we build off of, as well as build up collateral for the Ubiquity Dollar.