NFT Drop, Perks, and More.

As we become the dollar of crypto gaming, there’s no stopping Ubiquity! We're excited to host a kick-off event with the launch of our gamified yield farm
Our launch event is designed with DeFi Natives and blue chip NFT holders in mind. The design work on our NFT is complete, and we’ll even be sprinkling in a few rare keys that will provide even better rewards -- so we’re now just finalizing some additional perks, and then we’ll be announcing its official release date, as well as running giveaways in our Discord & Twitter leading up to launch.
notion image
Only 1024 of our NFTs will be created, and holders will continue to receive perks in the Ubiquity ecosystem long after our launch event. We're looking to add rewards/APY boosters, reduced/eliminated fees, and maybe even boosted governance emissions for Ubiquity Dollar LPs just for holding this NFT in your wallet.
Want to see certain perks added to holding our NFT? Are you interested in promoting this in your community?
Let us know by hopping into our Discord or tweeting us!
Looking for something more? We just have the thing. If you want to engage with the community and help us reach our goal, we are rewarding community members who will assist with the promotion of this event. Ubiquity DAO will be running daily giveaways for our NFT drop leading up to launch. How to join? Nothing fancy. Just a simple like, retweet, and follow will earn you entry.
That’s all for now -- once again make sure you join our Discord and follow us on Twitter to stay up to date on our launch announcement, and to be the first in line for our whitelist!