Launch Party

General pending improvements

Change default chain ID to 1337 (or whatever metamask default is)
Set allowance to infinity
Show TBV (Total Bonded Value) on the pools UI
  • Q: How do we calculate it?



Allowance Management

  • Should show the list of addresses and the amount of Ubiquisticks they can buy along with the price they must pay in ETH.
  • Should allow you to add and batch-add addresses to the allowance list.
  • Only displayed to TheUbiquityStickSale contract owner

Rewards Management

  • Should be able to see the list of tokens allowed and their respective rewards in APY form.
  • Should allow you to add new allowed tokens or change their rewards, in APY form.
  • Only displayed to the SimpleBond contract owner

Right now the reward is shown in “Ratio per billion”, we need to do the math so we can set the APY directly


Whitelist component

  • If you are not whitelisted it should suggest you to Tweet to the Ubiquity account to request an invite
  • If you are whitelisted it should tell you can mint the Ubiquistick

Ubiquitystick NFT

  • If you are whitelisted it should show you the mint button with the price in ETH
  • It should show you all your Ubiquistick NFTs; normal, golden and invisible
  • Should link to OpenSea to see your NFTs there
Highlight mint button; make it bigger

Funding pools

  • Should show the pool external token icon
  • Liquidity for each token of the LP pair
  • The amount of LP you’ve got on each token
  • Click to buy more LP on an exchange

Make it clear the Ubiquistick is needed to use the pools
Right now we’ve got only the uCR-WETH pool and the uCR-USDC pool; the following pools contracts need to be created and their addresses added to the UI
Can we allow people to buy LP and stake on a single command?

Golden pool

  • Same as funding pools but with a single pool; bigger UI and higher APY

Your bonds

  • Should show you all your bonds
    • Bond name
    • Progress towards the 5 days when it finishes dripping
    • Amount claimable right now for each token
    • Total amount claimable in uCR and USD (based on the uCR-ETH LP contract)
    • Claim button that claims all your rewards for every token
Can we show the pool in a more visual way rather than just the numeric values of each token?


  • Should show you how much uCR you’ve got and also in USD (based on the uCR-ETH LP contract)
  • Should show you a button to exchange for ETH that sends you to the Uniswap site
Can we allow people to exchange directly on our site by clicking the button