Introducing the UbiquiStick NFT Draft

Apr 25, 2022 05:07 AM
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Hello frens. Along with the Ubiquity Launch event, we are excited to announce the launch of the UbiquiStick NFTs. This article will go over everything that you need to know regarding the launch and how to get your hand on your own UbiquiStick.

What are UbiquiSticks?

The UbiquiStick is an NFT collection comprising of 1024 NFTs created by Ubiquity DAO. The NFTs are 3D models lightly inspired by USB flashdrives and Ledger Hardware wallets that showcase the sleek design and brand of Ubiquity. Owning one of these NFTs will give you exclusive access to custom Vaults in our Proxy Yield Aggregator suite, beta access to future Ubiquity products, and more!

Whitelist Details

There will be 1024 UbiquiStick NFTs in total with a whitelist mint price of 0.5 ETH. To qualify for a whitelist spot, you must...
need to finalize the whitelist grind
The default color of the UbiquiSticks is black, but there is are rare gold UbiquiSticks that a few lucky users will receive from minting. The mint is scheduled to occur in the last week of May 2022.

NFT Utility

As stated earlier, there will be two main types of utility that UbiquiStick holders will receive, The first one is early access to any of the products that Ubiquity makes in the future. You will be able to test any future Ubiquity products before the public and provide any feedback that you have to the team. You will also gain early access to vault strategies in our Proxy Yield Aggregator once that is released.
The second feature is custom vaults where you will be able to deposit certain stablecoins and generate more yield from our bespoke yield strategies. Many lucrative yield strategies do not scale, so we believe in keeping these strategies limited to UbiquiStick holders. These vaults are scheduled to go live in Q3. We will offer more details on our Proxy Yield Aggregator at a future date.