Holiday Craft 2023

Holiday Craft 2023

HolidayCraft 2023

Happy holidays!
Anyone is welcome to come hang out, build, and socialize in our Minecraft server.

Server Essentials

Server IP
Required Client Version
Telegram Group Chat
Notice: make sure to select Minecraft client version 1.20.2 from the launcher in order to connect.

Server Context

Every year around this time a few friends and I set up a small Minecraft server to unwind and socialize.
Historically we typically start out in survival mode, and slowly upgrade individuals to creative mode as we near the end of the season.
There’s no defined rules. Its basically vanilla Minecraft, but technically is running on paper.
This will run for about a month, starting from 25 December 2023.
Spawn point moved to approximately 10000, 100, 10000 although old constructions from the previous year can be found near 0, 0, 0
If you logged in last year, there might be a chance you start far from the new spawn. In which case, let me know and I can teleport you!
Good luck, have fun!
- アレクサンダー.eth