Go-To-Market Strategy

Go-To-Market Strategy

Becoming ubiquitous is our north-star. This will be achieved through building strong partnerships and products, backed by an even stronger community. Here's how we plan on pursuing it.

Launch Event

Official launch date announcement coming soon.
We're excited to host a kick-off event with the launch of a gamified yield farm - by leveraging the uAR debt token we can reward a focused (yet large) audience, we can reward the community and incentivise organic growth.
We are aiming to attract DeFi Natives and the blue chip NFT community with this launch event, by means of exclusivity. Gated access to this farm will only allow holders of the UbiquiStick NFT to participate. Ubiquistick holders will continue to receive perks after this event as we add special perks to holders when using products in our ecosystem.

The Stablecoin of Crypto Gaming

Why crypto gaming?

While a handful of centralized stablecoins exist in this sector, there are currently no decentralized stablecoins solely focused on serving the crypto gaming space and their communities. Fixing this issue is our first priority.

How can Ubiquity DAO help crypto games?

As we have seen time and time again in MMO games, and with recent p2e gaming projects, hyperinflation is a real issue. Token-sinks are one way to partially combat this issue, however a stable asset as a reserve currency is absolutely crucial.
Our initial offering is simple: Purchase an NFT from one of our partners with our dollar (uAD), and you will receive a lootbox with a random amount of cash-back (between 0-100% of the purchase price). This approach allows us to partner with any game hosting their NFTs on Ethereum Mainnet.
Aside from this, we intend to pursue interoperability between games/ecosystems, incentivized community growth through cross-community promotions, payment processing/settlement, and even item creation - we hold a unique advantage with our upgradeable design and unique debt system to be flexible in our partnerships, to both directly and indirectly incentivize companies to partner with us.
  • What's in it for Ubiquity DAO?
Gaming is a high-growth sector that we love, and if we want to directly assist in helping it grow.
An auxiliary benefit we took into consideration, is the resulting long term impact on community and protocol trust. Crypto gaming will be an inception point for the next wave of users into crypto, and being one of the first tokens they ever hold in their wallet will help us build lasting trust in the Ubiquity Dollar.