Let’s discuss here how the current DevOPS is and how we can improve it.


Build System

Right now we use Next.js for the build
Change Next.js with Astro to improve build time and remove unnecesary overhead (we don’t need a backend) https://github.com/ubiquity/uad-ui/issues/10

Github Repository

We are using a monorepo with the frontend at the root, and then the contracts repositories at /contracts/dollar and /contracts/ubiquistick

Vercel Deployment

The main branch gets deployed to https://uad.ubq.fi/

Files convention

Right now we’ve got a components directory and things out of wack, I would like to explore improvements there.

Contracts compiling

We use Hardhat to manage the contracts compiled.
We’ve got /contracts/dollar and /contracts/ubiquistick each with their own Hardhat configuration
Consolidate the Hardhat configuration, use a single one
Make the deployed contracts addresses automatically accessible to the UI for both local development and production https://github.com/ubiquity/uad-ui/issues/87


Redirect domains to specific contracts addresses https://github.com/ubiquity/uad-ui/issues/46