Brand Assets


The global design language should be monochromatic, and only using the colors listed below for emphasis.
Shades of grey for added details can be easily rendered leveraging opacity on white or black elements.
High contrast is required for legibility from foreground to background elements. 75%+ contrast is a good rule of thumb, meaning for example, that a foreground element can be #FFFFFFFF (100% opaque white) and the background element can be #FFFFFF40 (25% opaque white) on a dark background.


  • #00FFFF Cyan


These are to be used as the ends of gradients (particularly in the token icons) with the midpoint calculated to be the primary #00FFFF cyan color above.
  • #00FFBF Green-Cyan
  • #00BFFF Blue-Cyan


  • #06061A Navy
  • #000000 Black
  • #FFFFFF White


The only acceptable way to refer to the organization:
✅ Ubiquity DAO
The following are unacceptable:
❌ UbiquityDAO // Ubiquity DAO are two separate words
❌ Ubiquity Dao // DAO is capitalized
❌ ubiquity dao
❌ UBIQUITY DAO // the only exception is in the graphical logo lockup