Bonding v2 Pre-Migration Notice Follow-up

Unredeemed UBQ Rewards Reimbursement

We would like to make a clarifying follow-up to our short-notice pre-migration statement regarding UBQ rewards.
This notice was in relation to the redemption of UBQ rewards before the launch of the bonding v2 upgrade.
Because this upgrade revoked minting permissions from the v1 contract, which includes the minting of UBQ, users who did not redeem their UBQ rewards prior to the v2 launch can no longer access those previously accrued rewards.
With this in mind, for those who have not redeemed their previously accrued rewards before today's launch, we will be manually reimbursing your wallet with UBQ equivalent to the amount you would have received, verifiable via on-chain analytics.
This process will take some time, so we appreciate your patience as the details of the reimbursement are determined.
If you have any questions or comments in the meantime, you can reach out via the Discord server.