Airdrop, Proxy Yield Aggregator, New Team Members, Partnerships, and Development News

Hey all! We had our first community meeting last Tuesday on Twitter Spaces and here are the notes and updates in case you weren't able to catch it!
🔥Airdrop, Proxy Yield Aggregator, New Team Members, Partnerships, and Development News 🔥
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✔️We are currently working on raising some venture capital and our man @Doctor aka Doctor Deliverability is up on the task of seeking accessible VCs. Doctor has helped a friend’s fund raise over $200M in the last year alone.
✔️A new operations manager just finished onboarding and a new UI expert has just started this week. Welcome, @cunctator.eth and @chriswudev!
✔️Now that gas prices have come down to reasonable levels, all the UBQ tokens that were not claimed in time for the Bonding contract upgrade have been airdropped to the following snapshot: REKT Leaderboard.
✔️The Ubiquity Proxy Yield Aggregator, our first application built on top of uAD was officially announced this week and an intro was published by @yyctrader in our Medium publication.
✔️Listing info on Etherscan, Coingecko, Coinmarketcap, and zapper are underway.
✔️ AZBIT CEX listing.
✔️Our team also had a community AMA session with Instadapp and a pull request (integration) is pending approval from the Instadapp team now. They still need to complete building out support for ERC-1155 on their platform before the pull request can be merged.
✔️ After a long and thorough research on different protocols for the Proxy Yield Aggregators, the team has decided on starting integration with @PickleFinance.
✔️@Zequez is working on completing our listing on
✔️Our yield aggregator will also be getting some love from Chris who will be working on the UI spec with @Zequez.
The next community meeting will be on Tuesday at the same time @130 PM UTC (or later! We will announce the time soon!) We’ll be sharing the link so you can drop by. Meanwhile, if you have any questions you want to submit for the meeting beforehand, please don't hesitate to drop them here!