2 Jan 2023

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- We should make a protocol for when we know a bounty hunter is not a good fit. - Bribes to appeal/assign to top xp hunters. Can be automatically calculated based on their rank - pay Research bounties only for “best solution for presented problem” like how liquity did it for the chicken bonds optimal timing competition - subscription model for ubiquibot e.g. $100 a month pitched as a replacement for github repo (engineering) managers - -
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Jan 2, 2023 02:21 AM
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- health bar idea for low performing bounty hunters where they “lose health” per review and if too low then are disqualified from the bounty. health bars are also cumulative where they span across multiple PRs/bounties per bounty hunter. - trends with analytics with amount of lines of code changed / amount of requested reviews; amount of comments/conversation; and time. - set “hard limits” page alvaro - idea to drop off cash reward after deadline - hard limits update: 4 reviews with bounty bot leaving comments updating the bounty hunters with the status based on $100 bounties — - bribes is by feeling as a “stop-gap” measure pre-matchmaking system —- - research bounties should propose multiple solutions - smallest (one day) bounties need 2 solutions - liquity style winner-take-all but consolation prizes for 2nd and 3rd place for research - only people eligible to get paid for research must be “initiated” already - they must have an xp greater than 0 and have solved a bounty - CONCLUSION: GO ALL IN ON LIQUITY STYLE BOUNTIES ALL RISK ALL REWARD NO INITIATION —- - open sourcing bot code but use the data of the leveling and xp system as a moat. - dcf point - more people on gitcoin vs us so easier to use market with more people; we have higher level of % contributing developers percentage wise of people in our devpool
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